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Patong Beach
Phuket - Thailand
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Dental treatments in Phuket Thailand

Dental treatment is maybe the most easy way to enjoy the benefits of medical tourism. We all have to visit our dentist regularly. In Sweden you have pay around 500 Skr for a checkup and again 500 Skr for a cleaning. Together that is close to 5000 THB for a treatment you pay only 1000 THB for in Thailand. If you start to compare prices for dental work like bridges, crowns and veneers that you might need, and then compare with the price at home you might find that the difference pays for airtravel and hotel in Thailand.

Cosmetic dentrisry is one other growing area of medical tourism. Most people are dreaming of a white "Hollywood" smile. A home whitening kit with plastic trays cost 6000 THB, Laser whitening cost 12,000 THB and takes less than one hour at the clinic. Dental veneers in porcelain costs 9,000 THB per each. A full set of veneers is yours for less than 130,000 THB but be prepared to stay here for at least 10 days.

Price examples:
600 - 1500 THB Cleansing and polishing
800 - 1000 THB White filling one surface
9,000 -15,000 THB Porcelain veneers, inlay or onlay
10,000 All ceramic crown Empress
15,000 All ceramic crown Cercon
5,000 Root canal treatment (one root)
8,000 - 10,000 complete denture upper or lower
70,000 Dental implant

If you send an e-mail to we can help you with price estimates and book appointment with leading dentists in Phuket.


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