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Connect's Gay Day Tour

Updated 8 January 2012
After a break and with a new owner of Connect the tour will start again on 14th of January 2012

Welcome to Connect's Gay Day Tour. You can come alone or together with your friends and for sure you will make many new connections.
Connect Gay day tour started in 1998 and has been an all year round weekly event ever since.

At the end of 2009 we changed the destination to a private beach. We will now go to Koh Yao Yai (Island big and long) by mini van and speed boat. Starting from Connect at 11AM the bus takes 30 minutes and the speed boat around 20 minutes. We are back at Connect at 7PMOn the beach we will provide party music, beach chairs, umbrellas and beach volleyball.

There is plenty of shade from big trees. We will stay at the same beach all day long.

During our stay we provide plenty of food and drinks. Fresh fruit, tuna sandwich, Tom Yam soup, Baked potatoes with skagen cream, BBQ chicken and sausages. Please let us know in advance if you need vegetarian food. We have an open bar with various drinks included in the price 1950 THB. Sign up at Connect. Booking and pre-payment is necessary to secure your seat.

Bring with you

  • Swim wear, Beach towel, flip flop shoes, sun block cream and a change of clothes for the bus-ride.

Do not bring

  • valuables, money - everything is included in the price

Details may change without notice

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The highlight of any visit to Patong Beach in Phuket is the weekly island gay tour. For an all-inclusive fee of 1,950 baht per person, you are brought by minibus and speedboat to an unspoiled island to the east of Phuket. When you emerge from the water, a tempting barbecue lunch will have been prepared for you. As well as a wide choice of meats and sauces, there is plenty of fresh fruit. All of these items can be washed down by a vast supply of free drink, ranging from water and fruit juices to different beers. Any special dietary needs will be met upon request. With up to 13 different nationalities taking part on these trips, they present an ideal occasion to make new friends, which you might not otherwise meet during your stay. After that, all go home tired and happy! The trip starts every saturday at 11.00 from Connect and returns again to Connect around 19.00 Total transport time each way is around 1 hour -- 30 minutes by air conditioned minibus and 30 minutes by speedboat. Please book your trip in advance at Connect, in person or by email. Note that the trip may be cancelled in stormy weather. The all-inclusive fee is 1950 baht per person.

Comments from guest:
- The absolutely best event on our entire holiday!

- The saturday Boat trip Could have been like any other boat trip in town, except the guys on the Connect Staff made it so much more. Personality Plus !! Had a super time !! Roger and Samir 14 September 2001

- Tack vare den superba Koh kai utflykten så har vi lyckats få kamrater från jordens alla hörn. USA, Sydafrika, Taiwan, Australien, Malaysia etc Jörgen och Åke, Stockholm - Sweden 3 Augusti 2001

- One more thing. If you have the time, do take the gay day trip to the tiny island of Koh Kai. This is organized by Connect and is a fun day of sun, snorkeling and great food among friends. It should not be missed. David Fort Lauderdale, Florida 17 July 2001

- During the past 10 years we have been to Thailand 15 times, and one of the best experiences we have had was the gay day trip to Koh Kai. Lovely island, good food and drinks. Lot of fun, both with other "farangs" and the thai staff. We hope to join you again soon. Tor & Steinar 17 July 2001

- This has been the most fantastic stay in Phuket. The staff at Connect are bty far the best. The Gay Day trip to Koh Kai Island was like an amazing dream Christopher, Australia 20 June

Island Island Island Island
Koh Kai 1 Koh Kai 2 Koh Kai 3 Island
Koh Kai 4 Koh Kai 5 Koh Kai 6 Island
Koh Kai 7 Koh Kai 8 Koh Kai 9 Island


By request from our customers we have this tour on Saturdays.

Join us for the weekly Gay Day Tour to Koh Kai and experience the exotic and unspoilt surroundings of Phuket!

Only 1850 THB will maybe give you the best moments of your entire holiday. Crystal clear water, snow white sand, snorkeling, beach barbecue and free drinks! Could there be more to wish for?

We will visit two small and very exotic islands east of Phuket. First we will go to a small Island and around 4 PM move on tho the main island. The schedule might change due to weather ans tidal conditions.
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SafeTips of the Week
-- Safety at the Beach
Protect your skin: Sunlight contains two kinds of UV rays -- UVA increases the risk of skin cancer, skin aging, and other skin diseases. UVB causes sunburn and can lead to skin cancer. Limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor containing a high rating such as 15.
Drink plenty of water regularly and often even if you do not feel thirsty. Your body needs water to keep cool. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them. They can make you feel good briefly but make the heat's effects on your body worse. This is especially true with alcoholic beverages, which dehydrates the body.
Watch for signs of heat stroke: Heat stroke is life-threatening. The victim's temperature control system, which produces sweating to cool the body, stops working. The body temperature can rise so high that brain damage and death may result if the body is not cooled quickly. Signals include hot, red, and dry skin; changes in consciousness, rapid, weak pulse, and rapid, shallow breathing. Move the person to a cooler place. Quickly cool the body by wrapping wet sheets around the body and fan it. If you have ice packs or cold packs, place them on each of the victim's wrists and ankles, in the armpits and on the neck to cool the large blood vessels. Watch for signals of breathing problems and make sure the airway is clear. Keep the person lying down.
Wear eye protection: Sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes and protect against damage that can occur from UV rays. Be sure to wear sunglasses with labels that indicate that they absorb at least 90 percent of UV sunlight.
Wear foot protection: Many times, people's feet can get burned from the sand or cut from glass in the sand.
Spinal Injury Prevention
Don't dive headfirst into any unknown water. Remember, the beach ocean floor may change its shape constantly.
In shallow water, don't dive headfirst toward the bottom into oncoming waves.
In shallow water, don't stand with your back to the waves.
Don't jump or dive from a cliff, pier, jetty or bridge.
Don't swim near piers or breakwaters. The currents here may be very strong, even for the best of swimmers.
Stay clear of boats. They take time to change direction, and they may not even see you.
Swim parallel to the shore. If you swim out too far, you may be too tired to swim back.

This day trip starts at 11.00 AM from Connect when we will go by mini bus to Sire Island (just outside Phuket town) where we jump into the speedboat taking us to Koh Kai island. The bus ride is around 30 minutes and the boat trip 30 minutes. The lunch on the island will be a beach barbecue with chicken and pork satay, sausage, different dipping sauces, bread and fresh fruit. There will also be plenty of free drinks, fruit juice, beer, soft drinks and water. If you have any special requests for food and drinks please let us know.

For reservations send email to or contact Connect Guesthouse in Paradise complex. 

The price for transport, food and drinks is1950 baht/person. Reservations required. Groups minimum 10 persons. The trip might be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions

Click on this link to see the new Streaming VDO or click on the date below for the Gay Beach Photo Gallery with hundreds of gay beach photos. We have been to busy to take pictures from every tour this year but please, if you want to upload your own Koh Kai Photos please email them to with the information about the date you went to Koh Kai.
Koh Kai Gay Beach Photo Gallery. Click on the date for pictures.

Please observe
This tour to this deserted Island includes certain risks. We are far away from civilization and accidents might happen. If you have a medical condition please let the staff know in advance. If you go swimming or snorkeling please use a life jacket provided even if you are a good swimmer. Use protective footwear when wading in shallow waters to prevent cuts from corals or Sea Urchins. Do never swim alone. Common sense should prevail.
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Online Video: Streaming VDO Look at a streaming VDO from this tour.

The tour was on weekly until mid of May with a tour of 92 persons. After this fantastic tour it was on hold due to bad weather and few tourist. We need at least 15 persons to start the tour. 17 October we started again with 27 happy guests and we hope we can have this as a weekly event from now on.
The tour was on Swedish television in the progam Semestersvenskar ep 5 and you can see another tour on this youtube video as well.

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