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Patong Beach on Phuket Island in Thailand.

Phuket - Thailand

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Some facts about Thailand

Thailand, has borders to Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. The area covers 514,000 sq km (the 51st in the world), 2,230 sq km water and 511,770 sq km land. The coastline is 3219 km with harbors in Bangkok, LaemChabang, Pattani, Phuket, Sattahip, Si Racha and Songkla.

Thailand is since1932 a constitutional monarchy.

Railways: 4,071 km
Highways: 64,095 km
Waterways: 4,000 km
Airports: 105 (2010)
409,000 cars sold 2002
1,333,744 Motorbikes sold 2002

67,091,089 (July 2012 est.)
0-14 years 19,9%
15-64 years 70,9%
65 -> years 9,2%
Birth rate 12,81 / 1000 population
Death rate 7,38 / 1000 population
1,66 children born/1 woman
Female 76.33 years life expectance
Male 71.45 years life expectance

Population under powerty line 8,1% (2009)

Average years of Schooling: 12y 2012) 7y (2003)
Literacy rate over 15 years 92.6%

Average wages (THB/month) 2003
Total 6,689
Farming 2,308
Fishing 4,381
Mining 6,182
Manufacturing 6,089
Electric-gas-water suppl 16,341
Construction 4,934
Wholesale/retail 6,529
Hotels and restaurants 5,059
Transport and communication 11,153
Financial intermediation 16,650
Real estate 8,677
Public adm and defense 10,585
Education 12,994
Health and social work 8,771
Other community, social and services 5,443

Minimum income has increased to 300 THB per day in 7 provinces from first of April 2012
Bangkok Post economic review 2006 say average wage in Thailand :Bath 8.309.

Labour force
34,072 persons (march 2003)
Unemployment rate 4.3% (2012) 2,9% (2003)
3.6%(2000) 3.3%(2001) 2.4%(2002)

GDP composition
Agriculture: 13.3% (2012) 11% (2003)
Industry: 34% (2012) 40% (2003)
Services: 52,7% (2011 est) 49% (2003)

Major crops production
Rice, Mazie, Tapioca, Pineapple, Sugarcane, Palm oil, Rubber

Arriving to Thailand 10,8 Million (2002)
Arriving to Phuket 4 Million (2002 est)

Thai Language is a complicated language with its own unique alphabet invented by the king in 1283. The spoken language is much older. The main complication with Thai is that it is tonal: the same word could be pronounced with a rising, falling, high, low or level tone and could theoretically have five meanings!

Thai cuisine is seasoned with heaps of garlic and chillies and a characteristic mix of lime juice, lemon grass and fresh coriander. Galanga root, basil, ground peanuts, tamarind juice, ginger and coconut milk are other common additions. Fish sauce or shrimp paste are mainstays of Thai dishes, and of course rice is eaten with most meals. Thai food is one of the main pleasures while you are visiting Thailand regardless if you eat in a fancy restaurant or from the street vendors.

Source (2003-2012)
CIA World Fact book, National Statistics, Nation. Bangkok Post, Nation Master, Unicef



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