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Gay Patong
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Email at BeachPatong.Com
Updated 16/09/99

Do you know that you can get
your own email address at this web site?

Why use a long and hard to remember address similar to

when your address could be as simple as

The email we give you can be retrieved from any PC in the world in several different ways:
  • POP3
  • IMAP4 (recommended)
  • Web page (similar to Hotmail, Yahoo etc)
As long as you have a PC with connection to the Internet, your BeachPatong.com mail is available for you!

You can easy set up forwarding of the email to another account and generate automatic reply to all incoming mail.

Apply today - and use your own BeachPatong.com address tomorrow!

At the moment we have a service charge of 100 Baht per month for this service - BUT - that includes as many aliases as you like - FREE OF CHARGE!

Do you want more information? Send email to Web master.
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